About The Author

Joleen Michellie was born in a coastal, college, community in Central California. While many people know her as Joleen, most of her family calls her Jo. She was raised my her mother, Kathleen. They moved from the coast when she was in just 2nd grade. She grew up in, the dusty desert of, the Antelope Valley. After graduation she moved back to the coast, where she resided in Orange County for some time. Then, in a twist of fate, she moved up to Northern Idaho. She now resides in a rural community near the woods, with her husband and three children. 

Her love for writing started at a young age. When Joleen was only 11 years old she wrote and directed her own stage play with the collaboration of a small group of friends from her after school program. She constantly jotted things down in her journal, wrote letters to friends and wrote in her poem book. Joleen began taking college classes while she was still in high school, studying film and multimedia. Her senior project was a comprehensive wedding magazine, comprised of several articles she wrote, and advertisements she’d created. Shortly after high school, Joleen began writing screen plays. Something Fishy was one of the screen plays she wrote. She was able to cast and direct it as a no budget, independent film.

In 2006, as a single mom of two, she wrote the My Time books: My Nap Time, My Potty Time & My Car Time. These were definitely a direct inspiration from her young children.

By 2007 Joleen had written A Long Winter, though it wouldn’t be illustrated or published until 2014. In 2010 she wrote ‘T’was the Night of First Christmas, again, this wasn’t illustrated or published until 2014. Joleen went on to write the Plain Jane series, Plain Jane and the Missing Python and Plain Jane and the Summer Vacation, as well as, A Great Story to be Told. All of the jobooks children’s books thus far have been picture books, written in a clever, rhythmic style.

Outside of the picture book genera, Joleen has started on a short novel. She also wrote and illustrated a short book for women, Love Advice from a Flower. She also dabbles in greeting card sayings and short poems, mostly just for friends at this time. While she enjoys all types of writing her passion remains with writing for children.

Anyone who knows Joleen will tell you that she is a genuine and passionate person whose charisma is infectious. Her personality and values shine through her creative stylistic approach that she weaves into each of her stories. Look for her up-coming events and new books to be released. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in jobooks.